Number of replies in here with "go to user voice"

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Make a headache... Wishing to see that customers should not do all the work... :)

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@Petri X Please help us helping you:

- Assign someone to look at the suggestions and merge te one that are similar. 

- Try to provide feedback more often

- Let us know message center id / roadmap id related to ideas in deployment


It is the channel PG uses to listen to customers. The more votes the user voice receives the more important it is of course. Some requests are good but they lack the support (=only a few would need them) and it thus of course affects how things get prioritized. I am not with PG but I do like the way they react to User Voice.

@Petri X - 

I appreciate your feedback & we certainly don't want to create extra work for you.  That said, it is very important for us to have customer feedback in a central location so we have a way to track and prioritize.  UV also helps us monitor trends so we can re-prioritize when we need to.  


An added benefit to you is that you are notified of uservoice updates for the items you vote on or create which helps close the loop when we make progress on the items you care about.  Our team uses UV daily - we do appreciate when you use it.  One of the things that helps us is to understand the problems you are trying to solve - the 'why' behind your ask.  This helps our team greatly. 


Thank you for being here today - We are happy to answer your questions at any time.  


@Vesa Nopanen  @Benoit Fournier 

The issue on the User Voice is, that if I cannot make enough commercial on behalf of Microsoft to the issues/ideas/bugs, e.g. calendar's issues:

Start calendar week on monday (or allow setting)  (from year 2017)

Ability to add links to files/attachments to calendar items (from year 2016)

Both of these are still out of Microsoft attention.


So if we (customers) are willing to setup such a feedback which improves your product, and you cannot get answer in four years. What is your personal feeling from that? I feel that currently PG has been outsourced some of their work, and if not enough votes are coming to ideas/bugs, they do not need to worry about that.


Alternative way to customers is to start having commercial work and make people aware of the idea all around their personal social network. When looking for user voice ideas, in my mind, this is what is not happening. So many great ideas are there without votes.

@Petri X I try to promote ideas that are pertinent to us inside our company and on twitter. Asking friends / colleagues to vote. However, I do not have enough exposure.


I understand that it is hard to find similar ideas in the list when posting but, if it is someone's job to look at them, they should do some consolidation. 3 or 5 ideas with low votes count can become a «hot» one. This would help.

@Benoit Fournier @Petri X good points.

I don't know how Microsoft tracks all user voice entries. Ones getting more votes of course raise better attention and it may need some agitation via Twitter and communities to start voting. I would assume they would consolidate similar cases into one but do they find them all - hopefully. 


Uservoice is however a good channel since it is a public one with public comments and votecount. Perhaps the issue is that people are not voting those ideas they see important but feel that "someone else will vote on them anyway). Really important ones do get a lots of votes but considering that Teams have over 75M monthly active users.. There could be a lot more votes.


I agree that negleting / not answering / noting old user voice items is not good, especially if they have enough votes. User voice does have a huge amount of content  - a cleanup (merging, rejecting, changing status) would do good to it. 



@Vesa Nopanen 

There is also one error(?) (or giving fake feeling for people writing the ideas) on the user voice, and similar tools. It is relating to question: Have all the votes the same value? At least my eyes has not noted anything around this.


Here are some examples of different categories from Teams' User Voice:

  • IT Pro
  • Meetings

What is your feeling, about from votes point of view, will those categories play the same game between each other? Let say someone publish an idea into IT Pro about Teams management shell which saves Microsoft money close to $1M and makes administrator much more happy to manage Teams by PowerShell. At the same time, another person is publishing an idea to Meetings to get funny filters into video on the meetings.


If all the votes are counted in a same way, then with 75M Teams users it should be relative easy to get lot of votes for funny filters. And at the same time, as there are not so many management shell users to vote, cost savings/better management will be not fixed.


It could be so, but has not been told, that the PG is looking for their own categories more deeply and react faster with lower votes.




@Petri X I can't speak for PGs how they follow and react User Voice votes. 

I do see your point and worry.  


I believe User Voice does carry out effect (user's voice) but it does not dictate directly what is going to be implemented since it can depend on lots of different factors and dependencies. I know they listen to User Voice and it does give out shout/flag what is wanted by users (for example Private Channels). But even with lots of votes (like Private Channels had) it does not mean something is released after a few months. There is a need to keep Teams (and rest of the M365) secured, managed and governed since it is a enterprise solution - not a pure consumer product. 


Perhaps someone from Microsoft PG could drop in to this thread and we'd get better info  :)