Number of Channels displayed on my page

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Even when I have a large window it seems like I always have about 6 channels listed and I have to click on the 'X more channels" to see the reamining channels.  Can I change a setting to see all or at least see a higher number of channels.  There's a lot of available space in that column so it would be beneficial to see all at once and not have to keep cliking on the more button...

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Just favorite all the channels and then they will always appear for you! :)
You can do that by clicking the ellipses next to the channel name and selecting "Favorite."

Good idea. I'd also suggest that columns we have followed are displayed first. If we have 60 channels in a team, we should be able to prioritize what is displayed first. 

Oh, you had that covered? Cool.

Hey @David Chady - Favoriting a channel will display it in your channel list, meaning you wont need to click 'more channels' to see it. Are you asking to see more channels that you havent favorited?

Hi Gino and thanks for the reply.  For now since I only have 10 channels marking the favorites works great.  I can see going forward if we add more channels I might be more selective in markng favorites and allow the lesser used channels to collapes into the 'more channels' button.  Thanks again