Notification on mobile/tablet app (android) - not appearing

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We're having problem getting the App icon "number notification" (the number indicating number of  received/unseen messages) on some phones (Android). Other phones/tablet (also Android) do receive these. Any guidelines available on specific phone settings required? Devices not receiving these number notification have Notification enabled for the MS Teams App and do receive the "top line" mobile/tablet notification. App (number) notifications are received for other Apps (mail client, twitter, LinkedIn...) on all devices.   

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Are the users active in the Desktop App?

Thank you for your reply. One of the users is (myself installed Desktop today). this user (me) do receive this number indication on one other phone and a tablet (accessing Teams using the same user).  

I can't see the active participants on Teams and I'm unable to copy and paste from Teams. Please advise.
I don't know what you mean by are they active in the Desktop App. They are active on Lync but you have to go to Lync to see if they are active. I want to see who is active in the Teams group.