New feature request: Sharing Files stored within Teams during a Meeting

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Would love the ability to share any file type stored within the Teams>Channels>Files folders during a meeting. Currently, the Share>Browse>Teams and Channels>Channel path only shows pptx files to share. We regularly need to share Word, Excel, pdf, etc. files that we have stored in our Channels and would love the ability to do so from within a meeting without having to download the file and share it via a 

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@jgadsby agreed.  It would be helpful to be able to let attendees download files directly from our live events


So I understand your ask - did you mean you want to share the file with the meeting attendees by giving them access to download it (as a take-away) or did you mean share it as a file more like a presentation - something you are reviewing together - and is your ask to do that within Teams rather than open the file on your desktop & share your desktop? 


If you'd like to share it as something you are presenting as a file type within a Teams meeting, here's a similar request for that capability:




@Laurie Pottmeyer - Hi Laurie and thanks for the follow-up on this.


During a video meeting, we would love the ability to use the "Share" function to pull up a Word/Excel/pdf/etc. document that we have stored in our Teams Channel. To answer your question, it is the latter that you mentioned - the ability to share like a presentation, so that we can all view it, discuss, update live, etc. together. Not necessarily the ability for them to download (they all can anyway since we have them stored in the Teams/Channels/Files tab within the Channel. 


We would prefer not to have to download the file, then share a window, but rather just go to the Share/Browse/Teams and Channels/Channel/Files to open a document during a meeting. Currently the only files visible within Teams/Files is pptx presentations. We would like to be able to share all file types we have stored within Teams. 


I hope this makes sense, but I would be glad to do a Teams meeting to show you what I'm referring to. I'll attach a couple screen shots here for reference also. 


Thanks again! We love Teams overall and allowing all file types we have stored in Teams to be shared during a meeting would be very helpful. 



Ah yes, I understand.  If you have a UV item for this, please share it in the event others want to vote on it, too.  In the meantime, I will share this with the files team and see if there has been any thought around it.  Thanks for attending and taking the time to share your use-case.  It's really helpful for us to understand not only what you want to see us do with Teams but how you'd use it since that provides more context when we are thinking about the solution.