Native Calendar in Teams

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How is the progress going to add a native calendar in Teams? I saw a recent user voice post where this feature was confirmed to be worked on. Once launched will it be a full features calendar with repeating meetings/notifications free/busy hooks etc?


This is a pretty big missing feature in my opinion for Teams

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+1 on this. Excellent question Mark. It would help persuade users to get out of Outlook and into something quite a bit more modern.

We are delivering improvements and changes to the calendar experience this calendar year. We've heard your feedback on this. Support for different views, navigating back and forth for a longer period of time and adding O365 Group and task calendars are part of the plan but we do not have dates for those enhancements yet.

Unless I'm missing something their are currently no native calendars in Teams, so not sure how things can be improved or changed since they don't currently exist.


If I'm missing something please let me know is their some for of native calendar function in teams that I'm over looking? If so how is it enabled? I'm not a global admin on our tenant so maybe our admins have not enabled it?