My First AMA

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Can you provide an overview of how this AMA format works? This is the first one I have attended.

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The format is: if you have some questions about MS Teams, this forum is the place. Ask during this one hour and you have a lot of eyeballs on your post - and hopefully you'll get a quick answer.
Hey David. This is my first AMA too! Start a new conversation with a question about Microsoft Teams and we'll answer it. The product and engineering teams are here taking feedback and providing best practices.

Hey @David Cross - Thanks for coming to your FIRST AMA :)  Glad you are here.  @Kevin Crossman is right - you can ask your questions anytime in the Discussion board but the AMA is a separate space where you have one hour dedicated to our team answering questions - focused on the community questions, so to speak.  We'll leave the AMA space open after the hour so folks can view ongoing but any questions after the hour will be written in the discussion board.


There are 24 of us sitting together (a couple joining via Teams) to make sure we cover all of your questions during this hour. 




Hi David - This is a forum where you can ask a question about Microsoft Teams. Click on, 'Start a New Conversation' at the top of the Teams AMA Space, and post your question. The Microsoft Teams team is responding to questions until 10:00 AM PT. 

Why didn't you run AMA on teams?  

Is there a better browser we should use rather than Edge? Most of the questions are cut off with a read more link. Clicking the read more link doesn't immediately expose the rest of the question or comment as expected. Rather, it fully reloads the page or loads the conversation page. I need to be able to read the question to decide whether I want to join the conversation. Limiting this AMA to one hour is going to be difficult with all of the reloading required.

This website is showing tons of posts and replies multiple times on PC.  The reply button doesn't work on Android.  The like button is nearly impossible to click on on mobile.  Can we report bugs on this site somewhere?  Or maybe host the next AMA on a more reliable platform like Reddit?



@Rachel Davis - Go into your profile & change your notifications.  Likely yours is set to get notifications for questions you start or comment in.  You can set this up to never, real-time, daily, weekly, etc. 

@Gordan Redzic - we don't do the Teams AMA on Teams since we have such a huge community invited and the questions and answers are persistent in the MTC for people to view on-going. 


We clearly love Teams and if you're interested in joining an interactive session to ask questions around free Teams, we have a weekly "Teams Tuesday" session that is held on Teams and folks can ask questions via text and over voice. 

It has taken me 45 minutes to get any idea what is happening.

It is also not helped by the same replies appearing several times.


@David Cross wrote:

Can you provide an overview of how this AMA format works? This is the first one I have attended.

I had to unsubscribe to stop the email flood.
@Rachel Davis: You can turn off your email notifications in your profile in the upper left hand corner. @gordon: We like to have everyone together here in our online community where we post our blogs and have our Driving Adoption forum :)