Multiple Tenant Access

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We are finding having to switch from one tenant to another and to/from guest mode very time consuming and frustrating.


Ideally, in one interface, you could see all of your internal and external teams that you're a member of, and in my case, I'm not just an admin for one tenant, I'm an admin for several, plus a guest in several tenants. 


The time to switch, the loss of visibility, and particularly if you're a voice user and losing your phone when you switch is extremely inconvenient and a poor design.


Any plans to improve?

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I am a consultant and have the same problem. Important to make Teams easy to use across tenants.
We have the same problem.
Upvote on this one
We need for Teams. @Greig Sheridan needs an API to do this :)
+ 1 vote for this one. I raised this elsewhere in the AMA myself and there is an open Uservoice for this one