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When will the metadata become customizable for files in Microsoft Teams? I understand this feature is being developed. It would just make it so much easier to search for specific types of files (v.g. reports, executive summaries, filings, different kinds of contracts) across Teams, without having to leave the app. Has a specific release date been set for this?

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We are working now with the SharePoint team to expose list and library metadata for Teams. You can already use that functionality in the backend SharePoint site if you want to drive a business process. Here's a link to a blog post that shows the new experience. It's about the middle of the page:

Thanks Karuana. Is there an approximate timeline for that?

As Marcos asked, is there a timeline for this? It was announced at Ignite but not a peep since then and it's not on the O365 Roadmap. Bad news is better than no news at all :)

Hi @Bjorn Foster @Marcos Blanco 


If you are referring to this functionality as referred to by Karuana in the article


'This included video and audio transcription services coming soon to OneDrive and SharePointscan and metadata capture with the OneDrive mobile app'


Here is it on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap


> New Mobile Capture scenarios for OneDrive on iOS and Android is currently rolling out. This includes adding custom metadata


The link above should cover all items in the Microsoft 365 roadmap which involve Metadata, including those in Rolling Out, Launched and In Development states.


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Thanks for the reply Chris. I was referring to UI parity between Teams Files and corresponding SharePoint Doc Library. Specifically, the following section from that same Ignite announcement article: 


Flexible solutions for teamwork  

We are bringing the full power of SharePoint to groups working in Microsoft TeamsSoon you’ll see a new files experience in Microsoft Teams that will grow to encompass the full capabilities of SharePoint document libraries. You'll be able to create custom views, pin files to the top, add and format custom columns, and gain insights into file activities. The new experience features the familiar files command bar, which, among other things, lets you sync files from Microsoft Teams to your PC or Mac. 

Hi @Christopher Hoard . The roadmap you shared said that this would be available by February. Are delays expectable in these kind of projects, or has this been released but not yet announced at the MS Teams blog?


Many thanks.


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@Christopher Hoard

I am also interested in any information about the release of metadata in teams that 

@Marcos Blanco mentioned. Do you have any update on the status of this roadmap item?

Hi @PeterBing

Last updated 4/19/2019 - Still in development with a Q1 CY 2019 release.

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It looks like this has not been released yet.  Any update on the timeline?  Hopefully soon? This is something that would really help us out.

@shawn_fielding this looks like it was supposed to be pushed in July release but got tabled. It would be really great to have this and would love the ability to create Teams Template sites.


@Marcos Blanco Could anyone let me know if it is now possible to link metadata (from SharePoint termstore) to Teams or to create new metadata and to use refiners for documents please? @Anne Michels and @Karuana Gatimu