Moving files breaks links in Conversations

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When I drag and drop a file from my computer to a Conversation it puts the file in the General tab under Files.  Then if I go to Files and move it to a sub-folder it breaks the link in the Conversation.  Is there any way around this?

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This is very problematic for us. Users upload a file and it goes in the top level of "Files". Over time that gets very cluttered and if we move things to folders, the links back to the file are broken in the conversation. 


Files must be uploaded to the proper location first, then a conversation begun. It is quite easy to forget to do that, or just not feasible in some instances. 

+1. As everyone else I experience this almost every other day.

Haven't done it this way before, but I really though we got "Durable Links" some years ago, i remembered testing this it didn't work moving files across sites, but as long as the file are in the same library it should work, so moving from general to any other chanel should work without breaking it. Maybe product team can respond.

Thanks for sharing the feedback. The team is working on a solution to address this issue and by end of Q1 (March 2019) , this issue should get addressed. 

Hello. ETA is by the end of March 2019, but do you have any update about this issue please? I see a an old Team where links are not broken when files are moved, but newer Teams are affected by this issue. Thank you.