Move to Teams from SfB Hybrid

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Hi Im Sanjit Hayer Security Team Lead at Jupiter Asset Management.  This is the closes event i could find to what im after which is moving to teams from SFB Hybrid.  we have a regulatory requirement to record certain members of staff.  i cant find out any information on this element of teams communications.

@Eric Starker 

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Hi @Sanjit Hayer, thanks for your question.


Are you looking for compliance voice recording? Can you clarify a bit the ask on "recording" members of staff?

Hi Yes that is exacty it.  compliance require certain members of staff are always recorded.  many thanks@Bryan Nyce 

@Sanjit Hayer it is on our roadmap indeed.

Thanks can you share that with us?@Francois Doremieux 

@Sanjit Hayer it's in the public Teams roadmap and the blog that announced SfBO retirement

@Sanjit Hayer Check this article:


 At Inspire earlier this month we announced Teams partnerships with Five9, Genesys, and NICE to enable Contact Center solutions – and with ASC, NICE, and Verint to provide Compliance Recording.   We’re also working with other Skype for Business Online certified partners to bring other Contact Center and Compliance Recording solutions to market for Teams.

i many thanks, i'll check this out.  hopefully this is available in the UK@Linus Cansby