Mobile app does not stay in sync with notifications

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I often find that notifications that I've cleared on the desktop app are still shown as unread on the mobile app. This requires me to force close the application and reopen it to have it update.
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@MGSpaceCaptain hi - you might check your notification settings on the device. If the notifications are set to "Always" you might end up with some duplication.

@MGSpaceCaptain Did you find a solution to this? I am having the same problem.

@yanpic At least on Android the updates seem pretty seamless now. 

This has been a problem for me in recent months. Didn't used to be. I uninstalled and reinstalled Teams on my Android device but that did not seem to help. Any guidance?
I'm facing the same issues. I clear the notifications on my computer, but they remain active and, thus, counting on the mobile app