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When will there be a mechanism to migrate Teams (including conversation history) from tenant to tenant?

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Hello Craig, 


We're firming up our plans for all Migration scenarios for Teams. These include: 


- In Region to In Country Migration where Data residency is supported

- Exporting Customer Data

- Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures

- Multi-Geo (MNC Orgs)


Thanks for asking and we'll keep you updated through the Office 365 Roadmap. 


Teams data migration is on our backlog. We are actively working on it. The feature(s) will be available in CY2019.

Ouch! I appreciate there are lots of components that need consideration with Teams but for M&A this is a nightmare. We can't federate domains to the new tenant and to drive adoption into Teams with no migration path is challenging. We can manually do the file data but the chat history in a Team / Office Group (which really can't be that hard to engineer??) is critical.

Hello @Ansuman Acharya@Varun Sagar,


I'm delighted to hear that it will be coming in CY2019.


My only question is pertaining to the following:
We are migrating in Jan/Feb when our subscriptions are up for renewal - would we be able to start on the new accounts in that period, and keep the old accounts (data, conversations, etc) in hibernation until the migration tool/functionality is available? Or will Microsoft delete our old tenants conversation and data as soon as that subscription ends?

This is an issue, as we can't be expected to maintain both subscriptions until the migration tool is available? 


I look forward to your response,


Interesting - Curious to see what comes.

@Nick Botha Me too.