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What happens to meeting owners who created meetings in SfB and are now switched to Teams only mode in the organization , what will the experience be for the Organizer and for the attendees in the organization and external users.

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So, will there be a "Teams Meeting Migration Service" like for migrations from on-premises to Skype for Business Online?
Organizers can manage the meeting and attendees can join with no issues. We do recommend however that people change their meetings to Teams meetings once they make the change but its not a requirement. Users will have the ability to join the meeting from the SfB web client.
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Hi Dustin,

there is no SfB Online to Teams Migration Service. The idea is that you join your scheduled SfB meetings with your SfB client (which should be there even if you are teams only) and then you schedule your new meetings as teams meetings and join them with your teams client

I understand how it works, I am saying that this would be beneficial to have.

The Meeting Migration Service (MMS) to switch Skype for Business meetings to Teams meetings is currently in preview, see: