Microsoft Teams Video Lags in Enterprise of 1000+ Users

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During meeting in a channel, Microsoft teams meeting video lags seriously.


Please how can this be prevented or improved on?


Edited: Am sorry, i posted zoom video earlier cos i just left a zoom meeting.

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Well one answer would be to use Microsoft Teams meetings and/or Live Events instead of Zoom! :)
I think your question is still more pertinent to Zoom meetings though :-) So this is during channel meetings, and with how many people in the meeting? And the the video lags for just one person or multiple people?

@Ilya Bukshteyn A meeting of about 10+ persons.

@Sylvester_hash I routinely participate in much larger meetings (channel and scheduled) without noticeable video lag.  So other than saying "there shouldn't be lag" (at least in Teams, can't speak for Zoom), I'd suggest maybe checking specific network connections for users?