Microsoft Teams Reporting and Power BI adoption content pack integration

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What reporting will be available for Microsoft Teams in the short-term and in the future? Can we look forward to Microsoft Team integration with the upcoming Power BI adoption content pack? Are there any timescales that can be shared?


On a side note managers, stakeholders, project managers etc. love reports, dashboards, graphs showing engagement, trends etc., though you can argue what is meaningful rather than just nice to have! 

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Hi Cian! Could you clarify what you mean by reporting for Microsoft Teams? You want to see Microsoft Teams usage by your team in the product, correct?

I would potentially like to see insights on how end-users are making use of Microsoft Teams, are they using it often, how much activity is there over a given amount of time if that makes sense.  This is so we can identify training requirements or track the progress or rate of adoption. 



We're working on a team and tenant dashboard - nothing specific to disclose now. You can get some reporting via the compliance capabilities in the time being.

I second the reporting request. It would be great to be able to show real usage numbers to higher management to show the utilization of Teams. This like Teams and Chat messages for a given time frame, maybe even number of documents shared.

Awesome , idea when we will have an view of this ?

any news about Teams analytics? 

As we roll out MS Teams to our user community, I have a need to query the posts (in some cases) to create Power BI visuals for trending topics (e.g. word clouds).  Need a way to analyze some of this 'big data'.

Oh, preach it Phil! Took the words right out of my mouth. How about it? Can we get this?

+1 we need stats on usage reports - by overall Site and Channels, ideally with some visualization. Engagement is the main measure of success and chat control is also key.

+1 For this functionality. Any indication of roadmap would be greatly appreciated from us.

Any way to see adoption of teams including by tab of integrated apps like Planner?
Any updates. Will we be able typ see adoption by team by channel? What about adoption of integrated apps like Planner?

It would be tremendously helpful to have an update on the status of MS Teams Reporting functionality. I think there is still a lot of interest in this topic but it's nearly impossible to find any updates in this area. Here's what I think is needed:

  1. Connection with Power BI
  2. A Dashboard that aggregates status for all channels within a team
  3. A Dashboard that aggregates multiple teams status
  4. Metrics like:
    1. Total Open Projects
    2. Remaining Open Tasks
    3. Total files loaded
    4. Most recent Conversation & date
    5. Delta between completion date and requested completion date by Channel
    6. I'd love to have a running allocation report where you could estimate LOE for a task and then track individual contributors allocation status (over allocated, under, etc) across multiple Channels or Teams

If there's a manageable solution for creating these types of reports today that would be a huge benefit.

This is what I found which would cover most of your needs for a price:
You can install it as an app in Power BI