Microsoft Teams meeting without the Teams app (web only)

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When inviting people outside of my organization, is it possible to provide them the ability to join a Teams meeting with only a Web Browser (no app download requirement)?

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Hi David - this should be possible with Teams, but I think you would still need a plug in for screen sharing.
It doesn’t work in IE, so if this is your browser...but works fine in Edge and Chrome as examples
It won't work in IE, but does work in Edge and Chrome. That said, "full functionality" in a browser (as stated in existing documentation) was recently deprecated without notice. My org opened a case with MS this week to ask why this happened (we've had to revise all our docs which previously encouraged using Teams to hold meetings with external parties who likely aren't on Teams themselves but could use a modern browser for a full experience).
Which plug in for Chrome ?

I can confirm that the web app only works in Chrome and Edge.

In Firefox and IE, joining a Meeting via Teams web app is not even offered.

@mk_gerWe've had problems making video conferencing work with Chrome. Edge works fine. And there's not even a web option in Firefox.

@David GROSPELIER Is there any update on this matter? It is now almost a year later and we were migrated to Teams last month. Now we have the same issue with many of our customers who do not use Teams.....

@MatthiasDTM, I didn't tried again so I don't know if the issue is still there, sorry.