Microsoft Teams insider / test release channel for iOS

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I've joined several Office Insider programs, e.g. Word and Outlook, so I can test the newest functionality early on my iPhone. Can we expect Microsoft Teams also to become available via the (Office) Insider program?

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I don't think Microsoft Teams is going to be part of the Office Insider Program...however I'm sure there will be specific Microsoft Programs to early preview Teams features

I would like to know this as well. I've seen no word about it from Microsoft, but I have seen posts in uservoice where they are testing new features internally. Would be great if the community could help with feedback via fast insider releases.


They do have develop preview which you can enable and it has features in advance

Shifts was an example. Yet Microsoft do say in their documentation it’s really for app development and can be buggy when using alongside the GA version.

I have heard through a few individuals in my my network that there is an insider ring even before the developer preview, but that this is private.

It would be good to ask this at the AMA on the 14th February. At the very worst they can only say no!

Hope that answers your questi

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Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for the reply! This is at least something.

And yes, I might have to pop into the AMA.

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