Microsoft Teams compared to Slack

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What are the key advantages (difference) I can expect to see as compared to Slack?

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Hi Bordon, Microsoft Teams is differentiated from Slack with Office 365 integration (Office documents, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, and Skype for Business) and Office 365 security and manageability. Additional features that makes Microsoft Teams unique include threaded conversations, the ability to start a spontaneous call in a channel (Meet Now), Tabs which allow teams to customize content by channel and recent activity feed for mobile.
IT Admins can manage Microsoft Teams in the same way they manage other Office 365 apps, and can rely on the same security, privacy, transparency and support that comes with Office 365.

As noted "meet now" edge to edge Brady bunch video calls. Another item is threaded chats
I would imagine a major advantages will be that it is included with many O365 licenses as well as deep integration with other features and management in Office 365.
Bordon:  Naomi MoneyPenny(MVP) Actually wrote a blog how MS Teams can be used, and mentioned Slack as a collaborative tool, similar to MS Teams.
One constraint of Teams when compared to Slack is that Teams does not currently allow participation from users from outside of your organization.
Teams feels less collaborative than Slack, primarily because teams within a company have no option to be created by default as searchable or publicly joinable. Therefore get lots of little fiefdoms, or "private clubs" that feel very different from the Slack experience.