Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

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For customers that are invested in Skype for Business and haven't yet particularly started any Teams adoption yet, what's the main message? Start now using the planning material here?


If customers have been resisting Microsoft Teams for whatever reason or just had other priorities, is now the time to bite the bullet and start their adoption planning? Bonus question, how long will customers get to complete this journey, as the FAQ is relatively open-ended in this regards?


Teams has done amazing things in a short space of time but it's not going to replace Skype for Business overnight, per yesterday's roadmap update!

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The plan to move from SfBO to Teams is based upon where the customer is in their journey. If you are primarily an IM customer - you should start now. Meetings customers should be actively using it and evaluating if the features available are there for them. Voice customers will be able to start testing shortly and enterprise PBX features should be landing by the end of Q2-CY18. Sorry, I do not think I will get bonus points for your bonus q - we are not talking about a transition or EOL date. We want customers to be actively exploring today.

Thanks Paul, that's very useful and no worries about the bonus points!