Microsoft Teams and Skype Consumer Interop

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We currently are using Skype for Business and one of the key functions we use is the ability to chat and call users of Skype Consumer. From looking at the UserVoice the feature is now declined to be implemented into Microsoft Teams.



However the Office 365 roadmap is still showing the feature:



Could we get some clarity on if the feature will be coming to Teams and if so when?





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Hello @Dylan Snodgrass Appreciate if this could be answered during the AMA today. Thanks,

Many of our customers worldwide are using only the consumer version and not skype for business. it would so like to unify communication internally and really want to stop using both skype versions when we can . what milestones are more important for teams then this? 

This is not on the Teams backlog currently. @Shanuj Patel would love to learn more about the kind of scenarios you use this feature in.

Our Human Capital department is often performing interviews via Skype consumer and Skype for Business. Would this still be possible with Teams?

Generally speaking, MS has not tied together consumer and business/enterprise services.


As someone in IT at a large org, we like to keep clean distinction between consumer Skype and enterprise-oriented voice/video services.

Hello @Rish Mukherji


As mentioned by Rick in his comment, we also engage with a lot of our clients, partners and potential consultants we are looking to bring on for a projects via Skype consumer. Having the ability to very quickly chat with these individuals via S4B chat is crucial tool for our organisation. If Teams is going to replace S4B, we would then be loosing that functionality. We would have to have two clients running, one for Teams for internal comms and then one for Skype Consumer for external comms. Given that also your not able to sign up for a Skype account with an Office 365 email. There would be no way we could efficiently manage and audit conversations with externals via Skype consumer client or Consumer Skype accounts. 



So @Shanuj Patel the need is mostly around IM if I am understanding this right?

@Rish MukherjiYes mainly IM, via the Chat tab. 

Thanks @Shanuj Patel.  The feature is currently not on our backlog, as I said above I will take this as feedback and review with our team.

Not being able to register new skype consumer accounts with our MS Work/Tanant mail addresses makes this a very akward situation indeed and really not practical. it's hard to explain this internally. we haven't used skype for business earlier, but are using teams for almost 1 year now!

So many users or customers are using Skype in the Consumer version. I cannot not imagine why this has been declined! SfB does it. Teams should integrate all the best features of SfB. Slack and WebEx Teams has it too. So Teams, a Microsoft tool, will not be able to do it? Difficult to understand...

Agreed. if Teams is to replace Skype for Business, then surely it should retain all the latter's functionality?  There are times when an organisation wants to support an end user who may not have Teams or SFB, but might have Consumer Skype.

I have to chip in here too.  Our organisation supports many of our clients via S4B.  Some clients have S4B and we federate, some have consumer Skype and S4B integrates chat without issue.  


We're being encouraged to move to teams, but losing consumer Skype interop makes that untenable.  Heck, we can't even get proper federation between an external S4B org and our internal Teams users!

That's a big stepback from SfB!


Our company has the same need, both for Calls and IM... many of our customers and partners are still using the "Consumer" version of Skype for business purposes (and that's a quite typical scenario for SMEs in Italy).

Deal breaker - makes Teams useless for us.

@Rish Mukherji This is a hard requirement for my business to transition to Teams from Consumer Skype. I had considered migrating to 365 and using S4B but it's clear that's being killed off. Currently we use Skype for communication with international customers where we do considerable amount of business. Without a business to consumer chat I cannot recommend that we migrate to 365 and Teams. I won't even recommend that we look at this as a replacement for our Skype consumer accounts internally until the feature is in place. Note the S4B/Teams was a huge selling point for 365.

This is a requirement we meet at many customers, when discussing the move from SFB to Teams. For some - especially larger, this is a show stopper.

Yes, see this question is asked quite often. Some companies do not allow personal accounts and services but allow communicate from work to personal.
The stupid things is that with Skype consumer our employees cannot register new accounts anymore since it's MSA accounts only nowdays! MS Tenant/Office365 users just can't sign up with their corporate email adres. New employees are just stuck to talk to our customers.

This really leave us/Office365 users completely in Limbo!
Should the whole world upgrade to Skype for Business/Teams overnight or so!?

It's really unacceptable this situation they left us with. the request should at least be in the backlog!