Microsoft Teams and iOS (iPads schools)

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As I am doing a lot of workshops for schools who are using iPads and Office 365 education, I feel it is really sad that in Teams app for iOS we could not have acess to files tab. 

A lot of teachers and administratives asked if it will be in the next roadmap. 


Have you already considered this fact ? Are you working to improve Teams app for iOS users ? 

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The files tab exists in the IOS app.

Nope, you can't access it on ios app. It's on the left ribbon for the desktop app but nothing in iOS. 

Are you in the Teams app? I hate to be argumentative, but if you click on a channel, to the right of conversations is a "Files and Tabs" button to click. This will show the files. I'm looking at it on my IOS device as I type so I can accurately describe where it is. 

Can confirm that files tab is indeed in teams iOS
This is called Files & Tabs accessed through Teams > Channel > Files & Tabs. Happy to send a screen shot if you need.