Microsoft Teams and Delve

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This question may not go that far but...I would love to see Teams signals surfacing in Delve. Microsoft has really neglected updating Delve for months but as Teams picks up the Comms + Collaboration story I’d really like to track it through mine or others Profiles. Pragmatically leveraging Adaptive Cards across Office 365 might service this use case. Thoughts?
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John Wayne, 


Thanks for raising attention to this area!


Teams data is being ingested into the common store that delve works off of, but we need to add more signals in to generate the experience that we have in Delve for Outlook. Better integration would be a great way for us to show how people are more productive when all of them use Teams for day-to-day work. 


Please raise this in uservoice as well:

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Hey John, 


We're today ingesting Microsoft Teams data to the store that Delve works off of, but there is more work to be done to fully integrate into the experience and have all the signals in. 


Thanks for raising attention to this. Full integration with Delve is a great way to show how an entire team is more productive if they all use Microsoft Teams for their day-to-day work. 


Please raise this on uservoice as well:

Well that’s a polite way of calling me a cowboy ;)

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