Microsoft Store client for Teams beyond Windows 10S

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Any update please on progress on releasing a Store client beyond Windows 10S? Seems overdue. Thanks.
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Hi John, 

Thanks for bringing this up. We are also aware of the broken experience for Windows 10 users when they install the store app and find out that its only compatible with 10S.


This is one of the important items in our backlog. We expect to have a store listing for all Windows 10 users in the next few months :)



Hi John, thanks for your question. We do have it in our roadmap to review our Store client options for non 10S and non-S-mode devices. We will be looking into ways to provide a Store client that bridges the gaps and provides the same great hero experience as our Win32 app.
It's been almost half a year since this reply.
Do you have any new updates about bringing Teams to the Store for every Windows 10 user?