Merge existing teams chat messages into a thread?

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Some of our users are better about replying in threads than others.  Have you considered adding a way to move a message into a thread after the fact?  This could be available to either the person who wrote the message or the team owner who just wants to clean up some conversations... 

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Thanks for the feedback @Steve Whitcher! Can you add this feedback to so we can continue tracking this request and gauge interest for this feature?

Thank you @Steve Whitcher for finding all of these threads! I will talk to our UserVoice team about consolidating these so we can get an accurate count of interest. 

Very simple, allow admin of each TEAMS to merge threads and delete useless posts from users. It's really mess without such feature.   

I couldn't agree more.  The ability to clean-up the conversations is needed badly. 

Unfortunately, I believe they marked this uservoice item as declined a few weeks ago.  Looks like it's not going to happen. 

@Steve Whitcherthx for posting your original request and the links to the (declined) feedbacks on uservoice.


I just posted newly, because I believe the decline was a big mistake, and I have added an alternative approach to the request. I'm posting here for people to find and upvote if it is important to them. Thx

@Steve Whitcher 


I find it Ironic that all of those threads were able to be merged into one conversation, when that is exactly what we are asking for the capability to do in Teams. This should be re-opened, and a solution be found instead of declining it and just saying Wont-do