@ mention a whole chat channel

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Hey All, I'm Dan from Chicago Il.


I'm wondering about a few features that exist in Slack but not in Teams. Specifically, when can we @-mention a whole chat channel? I'd love to be able to @all, @channel, or @here.


I'd also like to hear more about personal channels. Specifically, our users would love to see the ability to integrate with some of the 3rd party apps like Trello on their personal channel.  

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Thanks for your feedback. This is a common confusion point for our users. We're looking into how we can improve this experience.

If you @{channelName} that will notify the entire channel. I might be confused as to what you're wanting.

Regarding the first part of your request, if you can't @channelname to mention an entire channel, check your Teams settings to see if someone has disabled it but otherwise this feature is built-in.

Looks like there is some confusion about what I'm asking for.


Just to clarify, I'm looking to @-mention all users within an existing chat the same way that you can @-mention an individual. I'm not talking about @searching from the search bar. I'm also not talking about posting to a channel within a Team. 


What I'd like to do is be able to say (within a group chat, or Conversations pane); "@all, it's time for our 10:00 meeting" or "@here, we're heading out for drinks after work" and have that trigger the same visual priority settings within teams that @-mentioning the individual would have such as the the orange bar and the visual "@" indicator.

In most ways, I prefer Teams to Slack, but the @here and @channel chat features were really helpful. 



Yes, there appears to be no possible way to @ and entire chat. This is a rather large gap