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Hi! I’m working with a client were we have concerns about hitting even the new higher limit of concurrent Live events (thanks for increasing the number recently, by the way :smile:). What would help is a way to see how many Live events being scheduled and when. Is there a way to achieve this? Many thanks. Regards Marten

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Thanks @Mårten Hellebro this is an idea I'll give to the product team. Do you find that happening often for your customers?

Thanks @roman_s_f We have had one incident with this customer and to be able to fully trust Live event for the "high stake" events with a large audience we need to have some control or insight into this. Many thanks

@Benoit Fournier now it has 3 votes, that's an 200% increase! :lol:

@Mårten Hellebro  - We are going to follow through on this one.  It's a great question.  There is this report but I get what you're trying to do.  With the increase in virtual events, this is becoming more critical.  Here's what we have today:


Thank you for raising this.

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It's pretty unintuitive, but the Live Events Usage Report in TAC allows you to select a custom date range that can be in the future, then you can see all upcoming scheduled events. That report is really the admin UI for Teams Live Events, lets admins access all the event resources etc. A pretty odd place for it ...


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Well, look at that. Well spotted @Steven Collier, many thanks!