Manually Set / Pin the order of Channels in a Team

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Is there a way to manually Set / Pin the order of Channels in a Team so that certain channels appear at the top in a particular order?

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I don't believe so - Channels appear in alphabetical order. I'll leave the product team to give you an official answer, but suggest you submit it as a feature request here:
Hey Jason - We're looking into this feature but for now your favorite channels are displayed in alphabetical order while unfavorited channels are in the 'more channels' drop down. We've been using UserVoice to track feature requests. You might be interested in upvoting or providing feedback to this:
I've already voted on UserVoice, so I just want to voice my support here as well. I'm a huge fan of Teams, but I would like to arrange every part of it as needed for each specific team.

I will second this - give the power to the user to make Teams their own. We should always be defaulting to letting the user arrange and place things in the interface as they see fit. Apologies to the help/documentation team as this will make their job harder, but this is the world we live in now. One size fits all is one size fits none!



I've had the same problem so as a small workaround I've used numbers before each channel name, so for example:


1. Team update

1. Team Training

1. Joining instructions

2. New Client Contact

2. Old Client Contacts

2. Hyper-support timelines


Hope this helps!?




You can drag and drop the order any way you choose

I can't seem to drag and drop channels in either web or client app.   Is there a permission level to allow this?

@Chris Reep I am unable to rearrange the order of channels by drag and drop. Is there a permission required for this ? 

@Jason Padman Pinned channels was just added to the Office 365 Roadmap today. In development!



@Jason Padman You could control the order of your channels by using numeric order to get around the alphabetizing order. For e.g. If you wanted a list that did not follow alphabetical order:


1. IT

2. Administration

3. Teachers

4. Students

Pinned Channels Feature will be rolling out in all tenants expected by the end of October!  :cool:


See attachment for a screenshot of what they look like! Full post is linked below from @Tony Redmond 



Teams Pinned Channels Highlight Favorite Discussions

Highlight Important Channels Above Teams List

"Office 365 Notification MC190856 brings the news that Teams supports the ability to “pin” channels to the top of the Teams list. The new feature is described in Office 365 roadmap item 55369. The new feature is now rolling out to Office 365 tenants and Microsoft says that the deployment will be complete worldwide by the end of October 2019."




Read the full post here:


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@jamielaporte Pinned channels just pins them to the top of all your Teams groups, it doesn't move the order within the actual Teams group.

@Sonia Cuff  There is a way around: add numbers like 01, 02...before the channel names. Example '01 - ABC', 02 - XYZ.