lobby or possibility of breakout room to reinvite only one user in the main hall?

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In some meeting, we want to put on hold an interviewed person or group of person to discuss a specific topic.

Is there a possibility to send user(s) to a lobby or breakout room and to re-add the user?

With the breakout room, if I don't activate the possibility for the user to rejoin the main hall, I can't ask him to rejoin and need to close the complete room (and therefore invite all the user of the room). Can i re-invite just one user from the breakout room?

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Hello, we don't have ability to directly invite to a breakout room, or to move a single person back to the main room without closing, but you can let users make the choice to move back. We are always looking at ways to improve experiences and thank you for your feedback. For direct feature asks you can engage with the team here at this time.