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@JohnSteckroth  - Thanks for this!  Looking for guidance on the tech that helps us do Live Events Better and it may not necessarily be physical devices like cameras (which is the one that follows you around by the way?  ;)  ... yes I was asking sorry to bundle the question in here)  but also software like OBS etc.  More videos showing them in action (or showing how to set them up even!)  would be nice.  Thanks 

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Hello @Ralph Rivas 


There's an article online that talks about Teams Meetings and Conferencing best practices and in the middle of it is a link to suggested devices:


Here's the whole article:

Hi @Ralph Rivas ,


There's not a huge amount of community content on using OBS with Teams at the moment, but you can check out @Darrell Webster video at

I would say that it gets complex pretty quickly, replacing your own video feed like shown is kind of ok, but as soon as you want to have remote participants the number of moving parts and limitation is pretty fierce. When the Teams client adds NDI support in a few months it'll be a bit easier, as then we will get a clean source from each attendee of a meeting we can then compose in OBS, I expect you'll see a flurry of videos at that point as we have something usable to demonstrate.