Live Event and blocking anonymous questions

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Currently Live Event makes possible to send anonymous questions on Live Event meetings. That could sometimes lower the bar from participants and it would be nice to be able block people to send anonymous questions.

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This is great feedback. It's something we have heard before. Let us try to track down the user voice entry to add your vote on this one.
It is a nice request. Perhaps you could create a user voice about it? Moderator could just take care of those questions and remove them. Other people won't see those questions unless moderator(presenter/producer) publishes them.
Hi there @Petri X - This currently isn't possible at this time to deny this option if you enable Q&A in a Teams Live Event. Please vote and comment on the following UserVoice item, thank you!! #GoTeams

@Sam Cosby 

Thank you for sharing that. When reading it, I can see that is pointing to different interesting issue. Are users (even internals) listed as anonymously really?


But the correct User Voice for this issue is actually this: Requests regarding the Q&A pane in Teams Live event. This feature obviously should not be possible when Live Event is publishes as "public" where anonymous users are allowed. But when all attendees are authenticated.