Listing all user's teams, channels and recent posts in channels


Going through all user's teams, channels and most recent posts in Teams is not a very performing process to do currently. Is there going to be some help to this. 

The purpose would be to provide "latest topics/chat threads in your Teams" -view. Sorta similar like Yammers aggregate view to help user to get a glance of "what's happening" in his Teams. 

In addition -- would be great to include these conversations from Public teams as well (admin access is something that is coming according to another AMA reply). 


Of course with some data about the threads (activity, # of replies, # of likes etc) to highlight the most interesting topics to user. 

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Is this a UI question or an API question? We can't quite tell.

API question mostly. For example asking a bot "what's happening in my teams?" or this there could be a custom report/view (in Teams tab or in SharePoint) to user about what's the activity. Of course this could be a UI question as well, if such view would be provided but I was thinking about API with this.

Without an equivalent UI feature, it's unlikely that there will be an API. The closest thing we'd have is an API for the activity feed, which is on the backlog for our Graph APIs (but we don't have a date for it to share yet).

Ok, thanks Bill for the answer. I'll make a User Voice about this.

Currenly it would be very slow and processor time consuming to iterate through all user's teams and channels to get a list of latest channel messages to start parsing. Even if user's teams and channels were prestored it could generate a lots of requests.