Linking Teams to pre-existing OneNote notebooks


Is there an ETA for the ability to add pre-existing OneNote items as separate tabs within a channel?

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Thanks for your answer Glen! Hm, I don´t have that option=(. I only have the Copy link to Notebook. Any idea how I can get those options you have? 

Hmmm.  Looks like your are using OneNote Web, rather than OneNote 2016, which is the Office 365 application that runs on PC.  But the link you can get in OneNote Web should still work.  Try creating a new channel of web content, and pasting in the URL.  It works for me.  It seems to be giving access to all the notebooks I have permission for, rather than just a single notebook like the link from OneNote 2016, but it starts with the notebook open from where I copied the link.  That may be true for all your users too.  I doubt it will give improper access, but I'd be interested to know what you find.

Thanks for the workaround!  Can't wait til this is fully operational!

I say Hmmmm too=). No, I´m using OneNote-client (and web), but neither works and I don't have the options you see. Strange. I guess I just have to wait for a better solution from Microsoft... But thanks for your help Glen! 

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Any news about this feature?

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Hi,  I think I see what may be happening.  The additional options I get are probably coming from a 3rd party OneNote add-in I use called GEM.  The basic concept should still work, however, you just wouldn't have the links for Web Edit and Web View.  You should be able to copy the notebook location from the File tab list of notebooks and use it in the process outlined in this thread.


I got this to work by clicking the share button in the web version of OneNote and posting the link for the "anyone can view and edit" (since your teams site already has security built around it, there isn't a risk) into a new "website" .

NOTE - it still isn't viewable in web based teams, but if you install the app it works perfectly.

Yes, this is exactly how we did it too.  

Another thing we noticed is that you cannot search across all sections of a notebook if you are inside of the Teams app - you can only search across everything if you are inside the OneNote app.

Ah, yes, this way it works for me too, but not good enough for us... 

Right now I have landed in that a single location for my team still isn´t there =(. When a OneNote is readable and searchable inside the Team-app, we will be closer. But I would also like the "News-option" that we have in Groups/websites, and to have all documents available too (but that seems to work in Teams though). 

So for now Im thinking we need to learn our people how to manage tabs in their browser, and put the settings so that all spaces they need opens when they start the browser. And also give them clear directions in when to use what. 

Thanks for all help everyone! 

Bump! Any update on being able to connect to existing OneNote Notebooks that we have been working out of for some time? Not exactly reasonable for us to try and copy everything over manually, but would like to start using teams as a central hub for Chat, SharePoint, OneNote, and Power BI reports.

Any updates on this one? a half year is quite a while for such a simple feature...

Yup - but I think it seems to been overtaken by someone with a bright idea about introducing Wiki which appears to be 50% thought through. 


Hello everyone!


I'm a Product Manager on the OneNote team and have been working on the integration of OneNote inside of Teams. Thanks for all the discussion on this thread and your feedback :)


I'm happy to announce that we will be releasing the ability to add an existing OneNote notebook to a Team very soon - expected Dec/Jan (for non-EDU tenants only). This new version of the OneNote tab will include both the ability to add an existing notebook as a tab, and the ability to view the entire notebook (not just a section) inside a tab. Note that the new OneNote tab will only be released to non-Education tenants.


Please note that although there are plans to migrate existing tabs inside of Teams to the new experience, this will not happen when we release the update. You will need to remove and re-add any OneNote notebooks already inside Teams in order to see the entire notebook inside each tab.


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Great! When can we expect this feature for EDU? 


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The EDU team have told us they will be adding new capabilities to EDU tenants in the first few months of 2018, but no specific dates yet.


cc @Mike Tholfsen  







Will this update require anything from the admin's/user's end? How will the update be notified to admins/users?


I, too, am waiting for this feature. Currently we have a OneNote document stored on the Sharepoint site, and would like to integrate as much as possible over to Teams for better accessibility.



Stefan Sauerland

Hi Stefan,


The update will appear in the tab gallery automatically (no need to turn anything on as an admin). When this fully rolls out to production, we will update this thread and the UserVoice, and it will be included in the release notes. 





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Happy New year - any news on an ETA?



Thanks Ellen for your patience! The update will be coming next week - sorry for the delay after announcing on this thread. I will post back when the new experience has been enabled!


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