Limited UI Teams Client?

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Is there a limited teams client that has only the ability to create a meeting, join a meeting, and/or dial a call without chat/files/etc?



We have been working remotely for a few months and rolled out Teams the day before we all became "remote workers."  There have been conversations about returning to the office beginning in June. 


We have been a very Cisco-centric shop and are looking at what we might need to do in the short term to better support Teams in our conference rooms.  We have a number of rooms that run Windows PCs with touch-screen monitors & cameras.  I would like to see if there was a way to turn them into a Teams kiosk with the ability to start a meeting, join a meeting, or dial a call from a dedicated room account and cut out the rest of the interface for simplicity.  


Long-term, we would probably look into a Teams Room kit, but given where we are financially and in terms of re-imagining 'work' experience, we're not ready to jump in just yet and are looking to leverage existing equipment.

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No, but have you thought about using Application Setup Policy to limit what elements are shown to users left rail? You could only leave Meetings and Activities there - however I suggest you leave Chat there as well since they are important part of meetings.

This is something that is sometimes done with firstline workers to show them only the essential they need. This can be applied to specific people (groups of people in a sense) so some others could have them all available.

@Vesa Nopanen 


Thanks - I'll have to look into that.


I've seen some documents on how to turn a Surface + Dock to create a Teams room, but I haven't seen much on dedicated conference room equipment outside of a forklift.

Yes, I forgot that option totally! It is possible to use (install) certain versions of Surface Pro as Teams Rooms. If you have that possibility it is better than playing with App Setup policies.

@RCL73 - keep your eyes out for an upcoming AMA event on Devices from our team in early June.  We'll be hosting another AMA event with our device team where you can ask all kinds of questions around meeting rooms, telephones, etc.  We'll be advertising that in this space.  We'd love to have you join & the team can answer all of those specific device questions.  Look for that likely the 2nd week of June.  We should be announcing the date we land on later next week.

Thanks for joining us and thank you for your support of Microsoft Teams!