Limitations Increase

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I was very happy to see the increased limitations provided to Teams Live Events during these COVID times. Can we expect these to stay? 




To help customers meet rapidly changing communication needs, Microsoft Teams has temporarily raised default limits thru July 1, 2020 for Live Events hosted in Teams. Similar increases are coming for Yammer and Stream.

- Attendee limit: events can support up to 20,000 attendees
- Concurrent events: 50 events can be hosted simultaneously across a tenant
- Event duration has been increased to 16 hours per broadcast

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Definitely agree with needing to keep a duration of longer than 4 hours - have you ever attended a council committee meeting?? :suprised:

@WiltshireKate I have a meeting about this coming up this week!  We would love to use Live Events for council but the 4 hour limit will be a show stopper when we get back to "normal"!


Thanks for the feedback. As the notice says, we are looking to extend those limits through the July 1 date at this time.  The city council meeting is a great scenario someone else listed below.  I urge you to give us that feedback in UV.  If it's working well and important to you, the team could look at ways to make that available.  Thank you for the feedback.