Let Admins manage updates!!

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Any update on whether this will be added to the backlog? Teams 'randomly' updating when running isn't ideal in Enterprise.


Cheers guys!

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We're working on a plan for better Change/Client Management integrating with our IT Pro toolset. Please make sure you upvote the user voice item!
Why do you need to manage updates? I agree roadmaps should be updated more frequently and new features should be properly announced, but I prefer rapid development rather than "the old way" any day of the week. It forces us admins to stay on top of the latest news and communicate changes to our users, but at the same time we get new features much faster and we don't have to update "manually". Like all modern cloud services really...

I would say the issue is greatest in VDI or RDS/terminal services environments. I do NOT want to have the same program installed hundreds of times on 3 servers just because it is installed only in the user app data folder. 


Add to that the fact that I have application white listing turned on so that means it would not run even if people tried to run it.

This isn't a massive issue if the updates are relatively small and they only happen when the user is logged in.

I would much rather prefer auto-updating to stay the way it is. It is error-free at the moment.

I  have similar requirement, do we have any ETA?

Main problem is that the new features are not rolled to all users in a tenant at the same time and then users complain when do not receive the feature so it would be great for admins to have the possibility of pushing/forcing the updates to users if needed