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Where can we find announcements for the latest MS Teams features and updates? I see on the web, and iOS App Store where a number of new features get announced, i.e. Whiteboard and personal Wiki; however when we go to try these features out and investigate those features are not to be found or it's not clear where they are. 


I work for an A/E Firm who is considering adopting MS Teams full time but a lot of the basic features we use on other programs are no where to be found in MS Teams and as latest features get rolled out I want to be able to test and train our team how to use them.

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You can find new feature announcements here:
What's New in Microsoft Teams


Thank you, and as you can see the first thing it mentions is the new Wiki app, but when following the steps the post highlights there is no Wiki app to be found? What do you suggest?


The only Wiki app I have seen is when you have already created and inside a Team channel.

Usually watching the Teams community blog is the best place IMO. Followed by some twitter folks, the t-bot or typing /whatsnew in search bar works, but that usually lags behind a bit. IMO blog is the best place currently.

The released features can be found here we will be releasing a more detailed update in the next few days to highlight what features have rolled out. If you can not find feature, please feel free to send a support/help question in teams.


Please also feel free to share your list of feature with us by sending feedback through Teams. We love hearing what new features you would like to see.

Any location for "What's coming in Microsoft Teams" as it relates to mobile?