Keyboard shortcuts

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Just wanted to ask quickly whether keyboard shortcuts might be expanded for both disabled and technical folk


Jumping between channels sequentially (using ctrl+Pageup or similar) would be a life-safer, as would be a faster way using the keyboard to move between channel-tabs like Files, Planner, etc. etc. Getting back to the General tab from another channel in the same team (a very common operation since most content is found there) is rather laborious without the mouse: ctrlG -> type part of team name -> enter.


I'd love to know whether there are any plans along these lines.

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Thank you for reaching out with your question. We've heard this request and are tracking the item here:

Please vote and comment on this UserVoice item so that you get updates on our progress and we can track how important it is to our users. Hopefully we'll be able to post an update on this item soon!

@miweeks Thanks! I've followed that item over on Uservoice. Cheers.