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We have a user that joins anything- meetings or calls in Teams- on mute. No difference regarding if it's a 1 on 1 call or a meeting with 2 participants or more. I cannot find anything about changing this default setting as a user or an admin. 


Any ideas?

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@Sarah Parmenter Is this user clicking the mute button before joining? Or is it defaulting to mute in all cases?

@Sarah Parmenter 

When you join a meeting with 5+ attendees already in the meeting, you will join muted by default - this is done to protect meetings from having background noise when they have already started.


On the 1:1 calls, has the user checked their device settings?  This would be the first thing to check.  I assume they are able to unmute after they join and want to speak?  If there is some sort of issue, please use the 'report a problem' which is the little question mark on the lower left hand side of the client and report step by step what is happening - this process will collect logs and help us identify if there is an issue or not.  Thank you so much for joining our AMA!

Hi @Laurie Pottmeyer, is this documented somewhere? I would love to know more about facility. I am seeing a problem with this muting people who are talking when other join the meeting.