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We have a user that joins anything- meetings or calls in Teams- on mute. No difference regarding if it's a 1 on 1 call or a meeting with 2 participants or more. I cannot find anything about changing this default setting as a user or an admin. 


Any ideas?

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@Sarah Parmenter Is this user clicking the mute button before joining? Or is it defaulting to mute in all cases?

@Sarah Parmenter 

When you join a meeting with 5+ attendees already in the meeting, you will join muted by default - this is done to protect meetings from having background noise when they have already started.


On the 1:1 calls, has the user checked their device settings?  This would be the first thing to check.  I assume they are able to unmute after they join and want to speak?  If there is some sort of issue, please use the 'report a problem' which is the little question mark on the lower left hand side of the client and report step by step what is happening - this process will collect logs and help us identify if there is an issue or not.  Thank you so much for joining our AMA!

Hi @Laurie Pottmeyer, is this documented somewhere? I would love to know more about facility. I am seeing a problem with this muting people who are talking when other join the meeting.
Same for me, even for smallest meetings, this is annoying!

@Sarah Parmenter I am having the same issue. Any call I initiate, I start out muted. I can click the Mic button to unmute but I don't think this should be the default.

I am having the same issue. 

Every time I make an outgoing phone call from Teams, my microphone defaults to "mute". I must react quickly and un-mute before the person I am calling thinks that they are receiving a prank call and hangs-up. Can you please help me find the setting that controls the mute function on my phone?
Since a couple of weeks I have the same issue... I dont know if MS Teams was upgraded in the background or it is my new Cisco Headset 730. But it is annoying for me like the others stated.... "THe call begins with "Hello Hello is there somebody?" If i call somebody. Because when I initiate a call its just stupid to auto mute my microphone.

@Sarah Parmenter I have had the same issue for about the last month.  I have checked every setting on Teams, including the device settings and cannot locate a way to correct.  This is only happening to me, not the rest of my company.

@Sarah Parmenter 


ok i found the issue for me. I got a new headset (Cisco 730) and it has a little mute button on it. I pressed it somehow and it muted itself at all or went on auto mute. When I pressed it again the issue was solved and I am unmuted now whenever I join meetings again. 


Hope that helps. 

@Plauze123go  Sarah - thanks for the response.  I found the mute button on the headset and tried multiple ways.  I even disconnected and reconnected to my computer.  It is still muted every time I make a call.  It's clearly with the headset because if I call directly from my computer, it does not happen.  I'll keep trying!