Join as Attendee by Default

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Are there any plans to have persons join live meetings as attendees by default, rather than the default being them joining as Presenters?

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This is already available through meeting options. - you can define "who can present", everyone else would be an attendee.

I'm well aware of the ability to change it so only specific people are presenters in "Meeting options". My point is that if you don't go to Meeting options and change this, it just defaults to everyone being a presenter. I think it would be better if the default setting is that only certain persons are presenters, i.e. you are required to either designate certain persons as presenters, or nobody can be a presenter until you make them one. Navigating to meeting options is not an issue for the more tech-savvy staff such as myself and a few others, however, for the vast majority of my colleagues, even though I have instructed them on how to assign only specific persons as presenters, they still just conduct meetings with default settings, presumably because they forgot that "meeting options" is a thing.

This is something that can be set as a default by IT administrators (using DesignatedPresenterRoleMode), and we will also provide a more streamlined use of this through meeting templates.