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On Ipad we have a lot of users who can only see max of 4 people at once in a meeting, is there a way to make it work like it does if I use Teams on my laptop where I see more people on screen?

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Any news you can give me?

@Chris Hughes 


Currently 4 is correct, but there's work coming, as announced in the Message Center MC217716 the Large Gallery view will come to mobile, allowing upto 49 videos. Expected to be complete by the end of August.


Large Gallery view (preview) for Microsoft Teams meetings provides a new way to view video from up to 49 participants at once on a single screen. Similar to the normal Gallery view, Large Gallery automatically adapts the layout of participant videos in a Teams meeting into defined grids (e.g. 7x7) for optimal viewing. Large Gallery is an optional participant view that is turned off by default for each meeting, and each meeting user may switch in or out of Large Gallery view at any time. 

Large Gallery is being made available as a public preview feature and uses a new flexible design to deliver a network-optimized client video experience that works on multiple device categories. During the preview, the Large Gallery experience will be available for desktop Teams client (Windows, Mac) and mobile Teams client (iOS, Android) users. In order to take advantage of this new view, users will need to turn on the new multi-window meeting experience and must have ten (10) or more participants in an active meeting with video turned on.


Is there any instructions on how to change settings on the IPAD for the Microsoft New Experience wiht the Large Gallery?  My teachers are not able to change the settings to have the Large Gallery on the iPAD@Steven Collier