Invited by email users showing up as guests

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@JohnSteckroth I have invited users at another Office 365 institution to join a Teams site at my institution. I used their Office 365-recognized email addresses so they can join my Teams site using their Office 365 password managed by their institution.

But when I view the Teams site members, they show up as (Guests) as expected but with no Title or Location data-fill. Team members from my institution have this datafill.

I logged into our institutions Office 365 admin and manually added Titles to these Guests (who show up as Guest users in our tenants Azure directory). But despite now having Titles and Locations in our tenant's Azure directory, when viewed from within Teams these Guest members have blank Titles and Locations.

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@Ben Schmidt If the Job Title is filled for you guest user, it should show up for the user. If you search the user in Teams you should see the Job Title.