International Teams rollout

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Hello, my Name is René Klett working as Senior Solution Architect. I have the following questions regarding our international MS Teams rollout. Background : Were working with 2 Tenants, currently inviting Users from the other Tenant (US) as guests into the European Tenant. 


1. Is there a possibility for a guest to be a Teams Owner ? I know there are Azure Directory Settings where guests could get O365 Group Ownership


2. Is there anything planned like a Trust between O365 Tenants and when will this available?


3. When we rename a Team, the complete SPO Structure is still available with the old name. This is a Problem when browsing with O365 Pro Plus to save data into Teams Libraries because User see the old Name when browsing this Structure.


4. Due to some data laws we need the possibility to export conversations - is it planned to have this feature in future.


Thank you very much.



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@MSTechguy Did you ever get answers to your questions? Any best practices you can share? I have some similar concerns as we're global as well and looking to do a hard launch of MS Teams 1st quarter 2020. Thanks!