Interactivity to meetings


Are there plans (and how far they are if there are some) to have more capabilities to meetings

- Polls and votes

- Whiteboard that works also with externals 


Also: "sticky messages and links" so important messages & links related to meeting would not be lost. 

Of course some links would be in the meeting invitation. 

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Hey Vesa,
For polling and voting in meetings, we're aware of this and working on it. The UV item isn't updated yet but we will get it updated:

For Whiteboard, we aren't working on this right now but are aware of the limitation.

for the last item, can you elaborate?

Thanks! -Emily
Sticky messages are links in meetings:
Perhaps a few messages that are always visible on top of chat, a sidebar or a separate tab where organizer can add links with titles that every attendee can attend: it may be documents (agenda, schedule resource materials), web sites or anything (like polls). When these links are now shared in the chat they tend to get lost easily.

Now this is done (depending on materials) by including links in the meeting invitation and updating some pages/documents during the meeting(or especially during the event) but most often just by posting the same info to the chat several times - repeating the info so it is not lost to attendees.