Integrations between Teams and Yammer


Can we expect improved Yammer integrations, for instance 1.Yammer as a Connector in Teams and 2. Yammer added to the list of default apps from the Tile menu?

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Thanks Morten! 1. There is already a Yammer Connector. In the Connector window, search for Yammer and you should find it. 2. I like the idea of a Yammer tab - please go to and vote for it!
Hi Morten, great questions! Yammer as a connector in teams is already available; you can add it to a channel by right clicking the channel, clicking connectors, and searching for Yammer. Adding Yammer as a tab is on our radar, but not currently available.

Thanks for the reply! 1) Yammer does not seem to be available as a connector in my solution, neither among the most "popular" ones, all or through search. 2) Great! I will add the idea to uservoice.

Bill I've just checked this, I don't have a connector for Yammer.

As I have already replied to @Bill Bliss, I do not seem to have Yammer available as a connector. Also @Deleted seem to miss it. So maybe you have to look into this more thorough?

Adding my screenshot searching for Yammer the connector.


Searching for YammerSearching for Yammer

Thanks for sharing! It looks exactly the same for me when I am trying to search for a Yammer connector.

Maybe you also have something to add to this thread, @Pavan Tapadia.

1. It seems like Yammer can take som time to show up as a connector in your Teams setup. I now have it and are able to connect Yammer to a channel, then receiving posts from Yammer based on keywords, users I am following or announcements made in groups. A great start! 2. The possibility to add Yammer as a tab is still on the wish list:).

I would love to see this as a direct connection between the Yammer group and Team Group. This means, users don't need to make a either / or choice.

The Yammer connector appeared in my tenant at somepoint recently, and it's really good, nice job. Works in Teams and Groups.




You can also try my Yammer custom tab for Teams ;)

I just published a quick sample of a Yammer integration into Teams as a custom tab here :



Don't hesitate to share it.

Keep in mind that :
- It's just a quick and dirty sample code, not ready for production use
- It's not a Teams conversation alternative
- The basic intent is to integrate existing Yammer feeds such as conversations around a specific topic, or an external group as a workaround waiting for Teams external access ;)



Hi @Guillaume MEYER.


I tried using the Yamemr Tab and it was working but I am now getting an error when I try to load the zip file.


Error while reading manifest.json: Invalid value(s) specified for icons.44.filesize: "7970" Invalid value(s) specified for icons.88.filesize: "31290"