Idea for Teams Integration - Activity Bell Office 365 Integration

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Hey guys, just a thought. It would be really nice since most people are working out of Teams to have a mechanism, and especially flow, that can latch into the activity feed of Teams to post notifications. I can see this being a big win for things like SharePoint news article mentions and replies. Where you can click it to open the page location to read it. Planner notifications of assignments, the upcoming Office documents mentions and just a general integration across Office 365.


Would be a good place to bring all these mentions and notifications for things across 365 into activity feed. I supposed having individual bots for these integrations could work too but that requires a lot of configuration on the end user vs. having them default into Activity feed with maybe an option tab to turn some of them off. 

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HI there... This is actually possible today using the Webhook connector.  That connector gives you the URL of the conversation feed that yo can then configure in Flow.  I use this now for notifications in a channel of when someone has completed one of my forms. 

Hey Chris, I agree and think it’s time the whole notification story across Microsoft/ Office 365 became ‘simpler and cleaner’ A client Notification Center would work wonders in triaging all those messages. A few bots and Cortana or your assistant of choice would be a huge step forward.
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Hey Christopher, that's a great idea! I'm from the extensibility team we are working on improvements to our activity feed as an extensibility point, I think this would be a great addition to that. Please do post this in our uservoice as well so we can get more feedback on it. We are also working with Microsoft flow to enable some of these cross O365 experiences.

Yeah I know that works, but for the normal end user explaining how to setup a webhook, where to go etc. etc. isn't that great of an experience. I think having some obvious integration points throughout the office suite like Page mentions, office doc mentions when they release, Planner etc. should be some things that are just baked right in for every end user.

Agreed Chris, need to make features like this easy for end users and not just the power users like us in this forum