How to separate channel and regular meeting?

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When looking for person’s call history and you could see the conference. How I should be able to identify if the meeting has been on Team’s channel or has been a regular meeting?

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Hi @Petri X   I found several possible answers for your particular question online:


Please let me know if these were helpful.  Thank you for being an active member of our community!

Hi @ThereseSolimeno 

Thank you for your reply. But I might need a bit more targeted answer :D

The first seven answers I got were:


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So my question was about Teams Admin Center and when from there you go and look user's call history. How I could separate A) channel meetings and B) regular scheduled meetings (and as a bonus, C) meet now meetings) from each others on that list.

I'm sorry none of those worked for you, @Petri X  We'll have to see what the community says.