How to calculate to six on Teams admin center?

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Funny little bug.


Teams Admin - count to six.PNG

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@Petri X Thanks for the report!  Any others that you see in Teams admin center, don't hesitate to tag me on them - happy to write up bugs :)

@Jamie Stark 

Was that a promise? :D

Here is one another dummy bug on TAC:

Teams - Unable to see presenters.png

When you hoover mouse over those fields the window is so small that you cannot see who they are.


The workarounds are: 1) Enable touch pad and try to success scrolling down 2) Have a mouse where you have scrolling option.

1) I  have too big hands for having touch pad enabled. Too many times "oops".

2) I do have that available.

@Petri X This one isn't quite as intuitively obvious to me.  This looks like Live event reporting - is that right?  Can you write up a reproduction?

Hi @Jamie Stark 

Yes, that was on the Live Event report on Teams Admin Center. So basically, when you are either:

1) Search individual event and on the list you have no more than one event, then the popup for producers and presenters is not visible.

2) The event you are analyzing is the last one on the list. Also in this case popup goes out of the web part.


Definitely as previous one, not high critical error at all :) But could hit for some admins.

@Petri X Makes perfect sense - thanks so much for the report!

@Jamie Stark 

Do you want more? I asked this from other users, but perhaps you know answer easily: Call analytic and network. Basically terms "from / to" seems to not match to "inbound / outbound" when analyzing calls. Perhaps it is good to use same terms everywhere (prefer: inbound / outbound).

@Petri X Read the details on the other issue you posted and this feels like more of a question around how to interpret the numbers, which I don't have details on..... 

@Jamie Stark 

Ok, fair enough. Just though that this is pure UI issue as I feels the texts are incorrect. But I need to find someone else who knows these details, perhaps the support who says: "this is by design" :D