Have a Teams for Business account for a large organization, but department does education

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I come from a large organization that has all Teams for Business accounts, however my department of 80- some people all engage in education/training are team members throughout the organization. Is there anything we are missing by having a business account versus a Teams for Education account, and if so - are there any plans for marrying the two just for this type of situation?


For example, I had heard that the 49 videos per meeting was slated for education, but not sure if this would apply to business Teams users too. Classroom insights would be invaluable for our orientation and residency training

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Hi@LillianJensen  There are some features available with Education licensing that are not available with a Teams business account.  You can learn more here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/products/teams?&OCID=AID2000043_SEM__XtVk8QAAAJiCBoMn:2020...


As for the 7 x 7 view, it will be available in the business version as well, sometime this fall.