Guest presenter in live events

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Will there be a simple way to invite external guests to present in live events i.e. without having to invite them into a Team on your tenancy in advance? In the same way as they can join meetings.

Also, will presenters eventually be able to use the browser based version of Teams for live events?

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@RossMac I agree, it's a bit difficult to do invite external user or to verifiy the prerequisite of external...

@RossMac Thanks, this should be possible.  See this page for more on who can present in a Live Event.

For the browser-related question, also thanks! This is an ask that would be perfect for User Voice.  I didn't see an ask for it there, but you can add one at

I have the same experience here with my users. If I don't invite them to a Team beforehand, they are unable to join the live event and get stuck in a login loop or get to a page that says their organization hasn't enrolled in Teams.

@Thomps_0 if you see that occurring, please send feedback.  

Even 'The Lobby' feature would be helpful to have in Teams Live Events for External Presenters.

We are experiencing the same issue in having gues presenters.  We have added the guest as a "guest" to Team hoping that would work.  Still the circular sign-in situation or the person is added to the event as a general attendee.  @Thomps_0 

@KenLivingston The trick we used was to manually add the user as a Guest through Azure (invite user).  This account must be a Microsoft account (not an enterprise account of any sorts), and only after the user is added to the tenant as a guest, can we add them to the Team.  After they're joined to the Team, they can successfully join as a presenter.  It's a HUGE PITA but it works, and until I have time to open a formal support ticket it will have to work.